St. Luke's Stew 'n' Q

Chef Pig

Stew 'n' Q, St. Luke's new community event supporting our Community Outreach ministries, is coming up on Saturday, February 19. Your purchase of fresh, homemade Brunswick stew and Carolina barbeque will provide much-needed funds for agencies in the community that continue to be stretched thin by the ongoing state of the economy. Where else can you do so much good by eating so well?

100% of the net proceeds from Stew 'n' Q will be directed to more than a dozen agencies, the vast majority of them local. You can click here to see the agencies that received Outreach funds from St. Luke's.

Place your own pre-order

To help our stewmaster and chief barbequer with their shopping, as well as to guarantee that you get some of our delicious Stew and Q, we strongly urge you to place a pre-order. There are a couple of ways to place a pre-order.

  1. The order form is available as a Microsoft Word form. If you can edit Microsoft Word documents, simply type the requested information into the fields on the form, save your edited document locally, and then submit it to as an email attachment.
  2. The order form is also available as a PDF. You can print off this file, fill in your information on the hard copy, and then return it to St. Luke's. Our mailing address is 1737 Hillandale Road, Durham, NC 27705. Or as the form says, you can just give the form to "a friendly face from St. Luke's."

Regardless of which way you decide to go, we need to have your pre-order by Sunday, February 13.

Collect pre-orders from family, friends, and neighbors

If you'd like to collect pre-orders for quarts of Stew and pints of Q from your family, friends, and neighbors, here's how to do it.

  1. Print off a copy of this form. If you receive your St. Luke's newsletter either through the mail or by email, this form was included with your February newsletter.
  2. Fill in the information for each person who wants to place an order. It's up to you whether to take people's money at the time they place their orders. But either way, you'll need to pay for everything you pick up on February 19th.
  3. For each item ordered, indicate whether it's for pick-up (i.e., you'll pick it up and pay for it on the 19th, then deliver it to the person) or delivery (the person will pick it up and pay for it on the 19th).
  4. Turn your completed order form in at St. Luke's no later than Sunday, February 13. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself to use when you're doing your deliveries.


If you have any questions, just email